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Are you looking for a Houston auto accident attorney? Have you been injured in a car accident? Does the accident involve a multi-car collision? If you have an injury due to an auto accident in Houston or in any other place in Texas, you need to contact a Houston car accident lawyer from Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm as soon as possible.

With the help of our Houston car accident attorneys, you can recover:

Medical expenses


Lost wages


Physical pain


Mental anguish






We Can Help You With

Gathering evidence to prove liability for the collision


Find caring and compassionate medical providers


Covering your medical bills


Avoiding financial difficulty while out of work


Communicating with the insurance company, so you don't have to


Recover full and fair compensation for your injury


Texas Auto Accident Statistics

The most recent report was issued in 2016 and it records Traffic Crash Statistics. Although the statistics decreased from the previous year, the results are still astounding

There were 3,773 crash fatalities
Over 1,500 of those fatalities are passengers in a car.
Speeding was a factor in approximately 1,022 fatal crashes!!
Alcohol was a factor in 987 fatal crashes!!
As a result of auto accident crash deaths, the medical and work loss costs in the state of Texas amount to $4.89 billion! (
You or a loved one is very likely to be involved in at least one auto accident during your lifetime.

These unfortunate statistics are created every day. Sometimes these car accidents are caused by the negligence of the other driver, leaving you as the victim. In addition to the emotional shock that car accidents cause, car accidents can also result in major injuries or even death. Injuries from an auto accident can be devastating producing physical pain and suffering and may have a long-term financial impact. If the accident resulted in a death, family members of the deceased may want to file a wrongful death lawsuit to get compensation for their loss,
:and pain. In an unfortunate situation like this oneFailure to observe traffic ordinances such as stop signs, red traffic
Drunk Driving (DUI)
The Driving Speed: A person driving either too fast or too slow may cause an accident.

The following factors may be considered negligence in an auto accident:

a knowledgeable Houston car accident attorney from Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm can help.lights


Text messaging or talking on a
Failure to use headlights
Reckless or careless driving
and other traffic

Safe Driving Tips

With all of the traffic in Houston, Texas, trying to avoid auto accidents can be difficult. Practicing safe driving can greatly decrease your chances of being involved in an auto accident. Below are some safe driving tips that every driver should be aware of:

Always be alert!—avoid driving when tired to keep from dozing off at the wheel and losing control of your vehicle


Maintain your focus, NO CELL PHONES—people who talk on cell phones while driving are four times more likely to have an accident


Be aware of severe weather conditions!—Florida is known for its unpredictable weather. Sudden weather changes have the potential of making driving conditions very different 


Avoid driving in heavy storms and be cautious of high winds. If you must drive, decrease your speed.


Drive slow in foggy weather, keep your lights on low beam and be wary of vehicles and pedestrians that you may not be able to see.


Always use your turn signals


Avoid tailgating— In the event that a car has to stop suddenly, driving too closely behind a vehicle can result in a rear end collision


Try not to cut in front of vehicles—cutting in front of vehicles can cause serious and sometimes fatal auto accidents.


Avoid driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol—alcohol impairs one’s ability to make split second decisions and can negatively affect one’s ability to judge distances when driving


Be aware of other cars on the road—while you may be practicing safe driving, other drivers may not. It is important that you always remember you are not the only car on the road!


Unfortunately, even the safest drivers may find themselves involved in an auto accident. If that driver is you, or a loved one, Help is Here!!! Contact our Houston car accident lawyers for a no-cost evaluation of your case.

Common Causes of Car Accidents 

Head on Collisions

As experienced Houston car accident attorneys, we are all to familiar with the ordeal an injury victim and his/her family goes through following a head-on collision. As reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, head-on motor vehicle collisions can be the most harrowing and fatal of motor vehicle collisions. The resulting injuries from these accidents often include permanent disfigurement, permanent immobility, and even fatality. Pusch & Nguyen makes it our priority to begin our investigation on the outset in order to understand and ultimately bolster the basis of your motor vehicle collision case.  

Road Rage

When a motorist is driving unsafely, with intentional disregard for safety, and knowing that their driving may cause a motor vehicle collision; that motorist is a reckless driver. When a reckless driver is found to be reckless, he/she could have been driving in a threatening or harassing manner out of “road rage” and caused a motor vehicle collision. This interaction is an assault committed at the hands of the reckless driver. Like any assault, criminal charges may follow from this type of conduct.  

Aggressive driving is defined as a pattern of conduct involving illegal driving conduct such as speeding, illegal/improper lane changes, excessive lane changes, erratic lane changes, failing to properly signal, and/or illegal/improper passing.  

If you find yourself on the road with an aggressive driver avoid the driver when safe, avoid any eye contact or other non-verbal communication, do not impede said driver,
safe report said reckless driver to law enforcement.  







High Speed Collision

Excessive speed is a contributing factor for almost a third of all motor vehicle collisions involving or causing a fatality. Traveling at excessive speeds at the time of collision may put your vehicle under such unanticipated force that the structural integrity of the vehicle can’t possibly protect its passengers.

Travelling at excessive speeds causes diminished reaction time to avoid a collision, creates the need for a greater stopping distance, increases crash force, reduces effectiveness of safety devices such as airbags and seatbelts. Surviving a high-speed collision leaves the victim with grueling and costly recovery process in terms of both physical and emotional recovery. 

Texting While Driving 

Despite the obvious hazard of texting and driving, the number of motor vehicle collisions caused by texting while driving is on the rise. This is clearly one of the most precarious driving distractions we face. Pusch & Nguyen have seen many fatal motor vehicle collisions that could have been simply avoided by keeping eyes on

road and off of the phone. Make it a point to prevent yourself from making a terrible mistake, and keep your phone stowed while driving; it is not worth it.  

Side Impact Collisions

Side impact motor vehicle collision happen on a regular basis, are very serious, and regularly result in fatalities. Side impact collisions, or t-bone collisions, usually take place at intersections as a result of one driver’s failure to yield the right of way. The seriousness of a side impact collision depends on various factors, such as the speed and vehicle weight of the oncoming vehicle, and the point of impact. Side airbags can reduce the likelihood and severity of injuries. However, never allow a child twelve or under to sit in the front seat; regardless of impact, the impact of an airbag can be lethal for children.  

Drunk Driving Accidents 

Motor vehicle collisions involving drunk driving result from said driver’s diminished cognitive capacity; the drunk driver is unable to maintain a single marked lane of traffic, unable to stop in time, or even realize the impending collision. In certain cases, liability for the collision may also lie with the provider of alcohol. Surviving a motor vehicle collision caused by a drunk driver

Operating a motor vehicle after drinking is elective 100% of the time. Anyone who has a had a drink, followed by a drink, and then maybe another knows full and well the impact of alcohol on one’s cognitive capacity. Shockingly, drunk driving remains one of the preeminent causes of injury and fatality on U.S. roadways. But, people still gamble with their life and the lives of others by driving drunk and/or under the influence of alcohol.impart on the victim a terrible ordeal involving a painful and expensive recovery process, and can many times leave victims of fatality.  


Asleep at the Wheel

Driver fatigue is fairly common across the

county, and frequently causes deadly collisions with even more collisions resulting in serious bodily injuries. Motor vehicle collisions due to driver fatigue are avoidable. Anyone who finds themselves driving a vehicle and is fatigued or feels sleepy should pull over into the nearest rest stop facility.  
Unfortunately, drivers motivated to stay on the road for extended periods of time regularly drive with unreasonable amounts of driver fatigue. For example, truckers are a huge concern as them staying on the road means more compensation. However, there are laws regulating the hours a driver may be on the road, and the violation of those laws, when a motor vehicle collision results, can lead a jury to a finding of negligence per se.  

Rollover Accidents

If you or a family member has been

injured, or even killed, in a vehicle rollover incident, the road conditions or the motor vehicle design itself could be a cause of the accident. Unsecured loads or gravel, or other debris can create extreme angles when deposited on roadways, which can easily lead a vehicle to flip or become airborne. Any defect in vehicle design that would allow for easier rollover collisions would require a fair amount of investigation and proof. Either way, Pusch & Nguyen’s car accident expertise is a start in the right direction.

Houston Car Accident Lawyers





andbruises are just a few of the injuries that you can get during an accident.

All of these injuries have negative effects on the victim. Whether it's multiple doctor visits or continuous pain and suffering, you shouldn't have to deal with these issues alone or without compensation. Car crash victims have to deal with numerous problems, including:

Lost wages

Medical bills

Physical therapy

Loss of work

Scars and disfigurement

Sometimes a person doesn't survive a crash. The family then has to deal with a wrongful death and the pain that comes along with it. If a person without insurance coverage causes an accident, it can cause even more problems for the victims. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can help ease the situation and bring peace of mind to the victims and their families.

How Can a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

We have built an experienced and professional team here at Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm. It's our job to establish negligence on the at-fault party, to prove how much you've suffered in the accident, and to seek the maximum amount of compensation for your recovery. We'll keep you involved every step of the way and help to ease your stress throughout the entire process.

What are Your Legal Options After a Crash?

If someone injures you in an auto accident, you have the option to pursue legal justice by filing a personal injury lawsuit. The statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit is two years in Texas. Though you have time to file a claim, it's best to start immediately after an accident. If you suffered an injury and can't work, you'll need compensation for your losses until you can get back on your feet.

Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers Can Help

You don't have to live through the pain or to deal with medical bills piling up after an accident. Our car crash lawyers want to hear your case. We'll help determine fault, estimate the value of your personal injury claim and work with you to obtain a fair settlement. If your case goes to trial, Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm will be on your side and protect your rights throughout the judicial process.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your personal injury case. We'll establish your objectives and get to work on a strategy to secure the damages that you deserve.and
vehicle crashes resulted in more than 254,000 injuries. When a car crash occurs, it's important to speak with a personal injury lawyer right away.

The car accident lawyers at Pusch and Nguyen Law Firm have 50 years of combined experience and a 99 percent success rate. Most car accidents happen because of a negligent driver. We want to hold these people accountable for their actions and to get you full compensation for your injuries and expenses.

What Causes Car Accidents in Houston?

Most car crashes aren't really accidents at all. They're caused by negligent drivers who were driving recklessly or weren't paying attention behind the wheel. These crashes cause numerous injuries every day in Houston, including countless deaths on Texas highways and interstates.

A negligent driver is someone who causes an accident and personal injury to someone else. Negligent driving comes in many forms such as:

Drunk Driving – There may be a law against drunk driving, but it doesn't stop people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. In fact, drunk drivers killed 1,024 people on Texas roads in 2017.

Distracted Driving – Distracted drivers caused 3,450 deaths across the country in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These types of crashes can occur when people text or talk on the phone while driving. In 2017, 449 people in Texas died in crashes involving distracted driving.

Driving Fatigue – Falling asleep behind the wheel causes countless accidents every year in the United States. A person doesn't have to fall asleep to cause an accident. Driver fatigue can set in while driving on a long trip or after working third shift. If a person lacks alertness, it increases the response time needed to drive and react effectively.

Reckless Driving – Some people show no regard for another person's safety. They'll speed through red lights and stop signs, race other cars on the highway and make dangerous passes on a solid double line. These reckless behaviors lead to serious and sometimes fatal crashes.

Speeding – If a person speeds and causes an accident, it's deemed a negligent offense. Speeding increases the risk of accidents and causes tens of thousands of wrecks in Texas each year.

Car Accident Injuries and Common Problems

Not all car crashes cause injuries. However, some crashes lead to minor and serious injuries, some of which can last a lifetime. Broken bones, whiplash



cutsThese motorA car crash occurred every 59 seconds on Texas highways in 2017, according to the Texas Department of Transportation

Car Accident Lawyers in Houston.













When tragedy has struck close to home, you need our powerful team on your side. 

We fight to obtain maximum compensation for the families of those that lost their lives in vehicular collisions. In Houston, there are approximately 150 fatal car accidents each year, with the majority involving overly intoxicated drivers. Driving under the influence is only one reason fatal collisions occur, many others are due to distracted driving. We find the reason. When a loved one dies, the surrounding family begins to suffer financially if that person was a financial provider. While the legal action does not restore a situation to normal, it can help immensely and hold the at-fault party accountable. Tell us what occurred in your situation and we can detail your possible forms of relief. 

  Texas #1 Ridesharing Accident Attorneys

Millions Recovered

Hire The Undefeated Legal Service

A wrongful death claim must successfully show that the defendant was operating their vehicle negligently at the time of the accident, and further that this negligence was the true cause of the death (there can be more than one cause). Some attorneys forget that this is a two-step process. Further, different causes of death may have different standards of negligence. These details are massive and a meticulous understanding of them is needed to prevail. This is not an easy area of the law, but we are good at it. 


Surviving family members should speak with us about the case and the standards needed to establish liability. Only spouses, parents and children of the decedent are entitled to bring wrongful death claims in Texas.


Get a free, no obligation case review today.




We'll Find It For You. 

How We Help You Recover

What Class of Rideshare Victim Were You?


The $1 million in liability carried by ridesharing drivers can benefit four separate groups of victims:


  • Drivers injured in collisions where an Uber or Lyft driver was at fault;

  • Passengers injured in either vehicle where a ridesharing driver was at fault;

  • Pedestrians injured by a ridesharing driver;

  • Uber or Lyft drivers injured in an accident where another driver was at fault


If you or someone you love was injured in circumstances like those above, there is a very good chance that he or she might be able to recover all or most of their financial and other loses. While no amount of money can ever fully compensate for the pain and suffering that comes with a serious accident, appropriate compensation can make the recovery process a great deal less stressful, and speed the path to resuming a normal life following an accident.



Common Causes Of Our Wrongful Death Cases 


The most common causes of these accidents, including:


  • Fatigue, Lack of Rest In Driving Hours

  • Alchohal 

  • Failure to Yield To Other Drivers

  • Failure to Obey Traffic Signals 

  • Lack of Proper Training

  • Speeding to Maximize the Customer Counts 


Unfortunately, there is no shortage of reasons for these types of accidents. If you were involved in an accident involving a Rideshare vehicle, contact our undefeated Highway Lawyers today. 


Steps Before Leaving The Scene Of The Rideshare Accident 




Take a picture of the Uber or Lyft passenger information (if possible) showing the trip, driver's name, vehicle, expected route, and the estimated time of arrival. Store this information on your phone for our Rideshare Accident Legal team. 




Uber drivers have an app that monitors the vehicle’s speed, braking, G-forces, and location. Sometimes this such information is not available to the public. Our lawyer can request that this data be preserved at the onset of litigation. 




The sooner you contact us after the accident has occurred, the earlier we can work to obtain and preserve all needed information. This also allows us to can communicate with the insurance companies, negotiate settlements, and represent you in court. 



                         CALL US 24/7 For A FREE Consultation



If You've Been Hurt, Hire Our Team


The Highway Lawyers 


Our legal service was created after noticing that Houston and surrounding areas lacked a Full-Service Law Auto Accident Law Firm. Hurt On The Highway goes the extra mile in catering to clients while investing in the client's recovery and outcome. Only Hurt On The Highway comes to the scene of the accident, has its own extensive medical network of care, has insurance negotiators within the firm, and assists in negotiating all medical bills so that our clients walk away with the most money in their hands. We love large victories, and our clients do too. 


Prior Insurance Negotiators 


The Founders of Hurt On The Highway have over a decade of experience negotiating insurance settlements in accordance with policy provisions and have rare-exposure to claims handling and exposure, liability assessment, and damage assessment and mitigation. This knowledge has been passed to each of our Highway Lawyers and is the reason our law firm is able to obtain results that other law firms are unable to. Contact Hurt On The Highway if you're in need of lawyers that have a clear understanding of how to win, to the largest degree. 



Despair young female driver after traffi

Hurt On The Highway is now the #1 Rideshare Legal Service in Texas. Why? Because we move at a pace and now service the entire State. No matter what the details of your accident, you could be entitled to serious compensation. Our Rideshare lawyers can speak with you immediately and even come to the scene for assistance. 

The Key To Victory

Driving Lesson

Our experts are the best in the industry. A lawyer can't just say the word "JUSTICE" and cause the walls to shake. Justice is obtained by fortifying and strengthening your claim through the use of accident reconstructionists, economists, medical specialists, and our Highway Lawyers. 

How Do We Strengthen Claims?

Anchor 1




Our Highway Lawyers have earned a reputation for aggressive client advocacy and real results. In fact, they have won hundreds of thousands a year in verdicts and settlements and consistently break our own records. From cases involving catastrophic personal injuries to soft-tissue, our firm is trusted from edge to edge of this State. If you would like to learn more about how our firm can assist with your case, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We are proud to offer 100% free, confidential consultations.






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