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$60,000  $77,000  $109,000

 From accident reconstruction experts to doctors and surgeons, employing the right expert for your car accident case can be critical in achieving a successful result.

$57,000  $89,000  $105,000




Tens of thousands of semi-trucks travel our Texas highways all hours of the day, and an accident with one can be devastating. We hold these companies accountable to the fullest extent.




$45,000  $52,000  $61,000

Motorcyclists go the extra mile in drive defensively, we understand this, and also what is needed to prove liability to the ones that matter, the jury.

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How Do Our Lawyers Win Big? 

Sneed|Mitchell's Highway Lawyers are taught to control the situation. Other law firms don't understand that obtaining the highest recovery requires more than just being aggressive, it also takes being tempered and methodical while consistently applying strategic pressure to the at-fault party's insurance carrier. The "Pitbull" lawyers often ruin negotiations where that client could have walked away with quadruple the recovery with Hurt On The Highway.


Justice is more than just a word to us and includes our client obtaining every possible monetary benefit for how their life has been impacted by the crash. Hurt On The Highway was designed by Sneed|Mitchell to deliver this outcome. From our to-the-scene vehicles to our state-wide network of top-rated medical providers and specialists, Sneed|Mitchell created a full-service practice that fortifies your damages while catering to your case-specific needs. Home visits, hospital visits, appointment transportation, medical lien negotiations, we do it all.  



Every dollar counts when clients are trying to rebuild their lives after the crash, and this is why it is our promise to continuously chase additional payment for you. This "Every inch, Every Dollar Oath" is our mindset and represents how we tirelessly efforts to demand that the insurance company fully acknowledge and compensate you for what you experienced. Our Highway Lawyers are ready and willing to try your case before a panel twelve citizens and obtaining noteworthy settlements and verdicts. 


Clients knowwhen their lawyer has quit on them and thrown in the towel, they can hear the defeat in an attorney's voice, but that does not happen with us. We don't believe in losing and the insurance company never has the upper hand when we're involved. Contact us today for immediate assistance. 



Our "Every Inch, Every Dollar" Oath

What Types Of Damages Are Entitled To?

Insurance Companies Know That Sneed|Mithcell Goes The Distance

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Pain & Suffering

Missed Opportunities

Lost of Enjoyment

Stress, Axiety, and more

Mental & Emotional 

Services & Medicines

Medical Bills

The Visual Impact 


Loss Earning Potential

Lost Income

Affected Relations

Loss of Consortium 


Physical Impairment

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Bettering Our Community Each Day

Extending Far Beyond The Halls of Justice

Hurt On The Highway is committed to serving the community and consistently engage in efforts to assist those in need. Many of our partners and staff not only contribute by volunteering locally and raising funds to assist, but also serve on the boards of local non-profits to help steer and accelerate change in our great State. Our founders created this legal service to benefit those at large, with charity and stewardship remaining a steady devotion. Let us know how we can help a family or individual in need you know in need.

Meet The Founders Of H.O.T.H

Teams Deployed To Every Client's Case

Our founders, Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell of built Hurt On The Highway after realizing that the results they were obtaining were uncommon in the industry and needed to become more widespread. While honored by the growth of the company, the amount clients are able to walk away with is the pride of this legal service. Applicable Results, Case-Specific Strategies, and a Network of Top-Rated Medical Providers for your utmost benefit -  All while the case is prepped for trial.


Each of our teams focuses on a different specialty so that each client is with a group that has mastered their craft. Our Uber & Lyft Team, Bus Team, Motorcycle Team, 18-Wheeler, are just a few of our specialties. Let us know which team you need. Call us today.  





The Highway Lawyers of Sneed|Mitchell have earned a reputation for aggressive client advocacy and real results. In fact, they have won hundreds of thousands a year in verdicts and settlements and we consistently break our own records. From cases involving catastrophic personal injuries to soft-tissue, our firm is trusted throughout the State. If you would like to learn more about how our firm can assist with your case, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We are proud to offer 100% free, confidential consultations.







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